Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not-So-Extreme Home Makeover

As I explained in my previous post, I've been pretty worried about what we're going to do with all of the toys that will be coming our way.  We've lived in this house for 5 years and it's full of all of MY stuff, there isn't a whole lot of room for any MORE stuff :)  So, I've been on this mental rampage trying to figure out how we can better organize our house so that we can incorporate the baby and all the STUFF that comes along with a baby.

Up until this weekend, this is what our office looked like:

I took this photo three and a half years ago when we decorated the office the FIRST time.  It was nice, yes, but I never liked the paint color (it had a green-ish tint - ew!) and with the advent of netbooks and iphones, we rarely ventured in there to actually use the computer.

So, I decided we needed less of an office, and more of a sitting room / play room / office.  We worked all four days of our long weekend, but I'm happy to say we have a finished product. 

This is the view from the foyer

A closer view of the desk wall.

Closer view of the chairs and ottoman.

The shelf where the toys will go. 
Rob says it looks too orderly.  That may be true, but I'm sure once we add a kid to the mix, there will be much more chaos.  I'm OK with order for now.

Looking into the foyer

One last look at the curtains. 
If I didn't tell you, would you know that they are SHOWER curtains??  I didn't think so :)

All in all, I'm REALLY pleased with how everything turned out.  The shelves, chairs and ottoman all came from IKEA and they were very time-consuming to put together, but SO worth it.  There were so many times over the course of the weekend, that I found myself feeling very thankful for the privilege of being able to do all of this because we have a new little one coming into our home.  We are so blessed.

Stay tuned for more redecorating projects!  We still have a nursery to work on :)

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  1. It looks great! You can come decorate my house! ;)