Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flashback: Mother's Day

I didn't really blog very much during our paperchase phase.  I guess I didn't think there was much to blog about.  Or maybe we were so busy that I didn't take the time to blog about what was happening.  Now that we're into the official waiting period, I've had time to think back over the last several months, and I've remembered lots of things I'd like to record for posterity, and tell all of you about too.

This is the first of series of posts entitled "Flashbacks."  Flashbacks are fun stories or memories from our paperchase phase that never made it to the blog.

Flashback: Mother's Day

Let's be honest.  I have the hardest time shopping for our moms.  We don't live near either one of them, so I don't really know the types of things that are useful to them on a day to day basis.  Last year I went to Bath and Bodyworks and made little gift baskets for them.  They seemed to really like those, so I was thinking about some other type of gift basket, but didn't want to do ANOTHER Bath and Bodyworks basket, so I solicited Rob for ideas. 

He called me at work one day and suggested some type of adoptive grandmother gift basket.  I can't remember what all he wanted to include in it, but it was a bunch of Ethiopia-related stuff.  While I thought it was a GREAT idea, I didn't relish the thought of having to track down all the stuff he wanted to put in there.  You see, I'm not a shopper.  Hate it.  Wish I had a personal shopper.  Which is largely why Rob does the grocery shopping - he LOVES (or at least really likes) to shop.  Anyway, I digress...

The Ethiopia gift basket idea led to what we actually gave our moms for Mother's Day:  T-shirts.  Super cute t-shirts with Africa on them and a heart over Ethiopia - made by Laura at Pitter Patter Art.

Here is the shirt we sent to Rob's mom:

Here is the shirt we sent to my mom:

And here is a picture of my mom wearing her shirt:

Here's the thing that cracks me up about this picture.  It was clearly taken by my dad from the comfort of his recliner!  And I'm pretty sure he used Mom's cell phone!  I don't know why that makes me laugh so hard, but it does : )  But seriously, how cute does "Lolly" look in her new shirt?!

I would encourage everyone to go check out the Pitter Patter Art blog/website.  You can also "like" her page on facebook...  And then order something! 

Since Mother's Day, I've also ordered a baby gift for a friend:

At some point, I need to send Laura a shirt and have her make one for me, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Ah well, I have plenty of time.

Stay tuned for our next Flashback and the One Month Post!

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  1. That picture cracks me up too! It's because you KNOW he's not gonna get up just to take a picture :) Love that Lolly Poppy!