Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Month!

Can you believe it?  As of today, we have been on the Wait List for one whole month!  The time has flown by.  I can only HOPE the next 8-ish months will fly by just as quickly : )

I thought I'd use our monthly updates to introduce you to the friends and family that have journeyed with us so far and are looking forward to us bringing home our little one almost as much as we are.

For my One Month post, I introduce to you the M family (minus M [dad]).

Be sure to click this photo and enlarge it so you can see the expression on Big A's face.  Priceless!

A closer veiw of Big A with the "1" that you couldn't really make out in the picture above.

We first met them about 4 years ago at church.  We quickly became friends and fell in love with Big A.  He affectionately began to refer to us as Uncle and Tata Wiggles.  [I know, it's horrible.]  Since they are Kenyan, they use the Swahili word for "Aunt" - "Tata".  As for the "Wiggles" part... 

I used to host a ladies Bible study each week at our house.  Many nights, J would have to bring Big A with her because M was still at work.  I always felt bad about Big A watching the Wiggles all alone in the guest bedroom, so I'd ask Rob to go hang out with him.  VERY quickly, Rob learned all of the songs and began singing them along with Big A and the Wiggles.  Thus, the birth of "Uncle Wiggles" and by default, "Tata Wiggles."  I always hoped that by the time Little A was old enough to talk, he would just call us "Uncle" and "Tata," but no such luck.  He is now watching the Wiggles just as much as his brother did, and even though he's never watched them with Rob, has figured out that we are, in fact, Uncle and Tata Wiggles.

Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how much I love these people.  And I'm really going to miss them when they leave for Kenya next week for a YEAR!  But I'm also so stinkin' jealous.  J's mom passed away in the fall.  She did a lot of work with some orphanages in Kenya, and J wants to continue the work that her mom started.  I have a tremendous respect for that, so it is with a little sadness and A LOT of joy that we send them off, knowing that God will bless their obedience, service and sacrifice.

For now, though, enjoy some of my favorite pictures of the M family throughout the 4-ish years we have known them.  (Tip: You might want to watch the video in full screen mode, otherwise some of the pictures and text are cut off.)

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