Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our First Baby-Related Purchase and Gift

As many of you know, for some time now, I've had plans to get rid of our coffee table and replace it with something with less pointy corners.  I always got so stressed out when little kids would come over because I was sure they would bump into one of the corners of the table and injure themselves (possibly permanently!). 

I've also been thinking A LOT lately about how to best incorporate all of the STUFF that comes along with raising a kid.  And one of the things I began to panic about was toys in the Living Room.  (No, I don't have anything better to panic about!)  SO, I came up with a solution that made me feel less panicky about the toys-in-the-living-room issue AND the dangerous-coffee-table issue:  A STORAGE OTTOMAN! 

So, here is my Valentine's Day/Anniversary present for this year...

The lovely ottoman with non-pointy, non-poke-an-eye-out corners:

And then it opens to all of the toys:

Yes, yes, I know we only have one "toy", which really isn't a toy, but a book.  Our friends gave us this book:

"God Found Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren.  The summary from Amazon says, "The story is presented as a cherished and much-repeated bit of bedtime conversation between Mama Fox and Little Fox. Asked about “the day I came home,” Mama talks about how long she dreamed about and waited for Little Fox. Little Fox asks, “You were lonely for me?” and Mama’s affirmative response, for which several spreads of illustrations are provided, makes them cuddle all the closer: her pain is simultaneously shared and assuaged by Little Fox. Little Fox also asks about why he couldn’t stay “with the mother who had me,” and Mama responds in a warm and assuring tone."

I LOVE this book!  My most favorite part is after Mama Fox explains how she waited and waited and waited for Little Fox...

So far, each month when we get an update on the wait time, it gets longer and longer.  I'm preparing myself that our year and a half wait may actually be more of a two year wait.  It kind of makes me sad, but I keep going back to the premise of the page above.  And I really believe that God DOES know the child He has chosen for us.  And I DO BELIEVE that His timing is perfect.  And so we wait.... with hope and GREAT expectation.


  1. okay - I cried! But happy tears of knowing God has a special child just for you! I love the ottoman!!!

  2. I cried too! Also, my nephew ended up at Urgent Care because of our coffee table, so you are a better mom than me already!

  3. My feet enjoyed that ottoman just the other day, they were comfy!!!