Monday, January 25, 2010


At the beginning of this adoption process (you know, 3 weeks ago - Gosh, it feels like so much longer) I told myself that I would trust that any delays in the process would be used by God to bring us the EXACT child He wanted for us.  Things had been going so well, I hadn't really had much reason to put the aforementioned "trust" to the test. 

Since we had our physicals on Thursday, and the results of all our tests were negative, we THOUGHT the doctor's office would do all the required letters for us today, and we could mail our application and dossier documents tomorrow.  You probably know where this is going... No letters today.  I guess if we get the letters early enough tomorrow, we may still be able to mail the application and dossier, but if not, it'll have to be another day.  I'm a bit dissapointed - I HATE not being able to control the process - but it all comes back to trust.  Do I trust that God will use even this small delay to bring us the EXACT child He has for us?  ABSOLUTELY!  So, mark it on the calendar: today, Monday, January 25, is the first of many exercises of faith and trust.  Anybody want to wager how many more there will be in the next year and a half?

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  1. I would say a LOT!!! but you are right, you will get the exact child you are meant to have at the exact moment! We just talked about that with the pastor yesterday :) how cute are we gonna be with babies?? :) teehee!