Thursday, January 28, 2010


Even though I've been encouraged by our progress so far, it kind of feels like it took FOREVER to complete our Application and obtain all of the necessary documents.  But I looked at the calendar today and realized something....

3 weeks ago today, we received our very first call from Gladney wanting to set up our phone orientation.  It took us exactly 2 weeks to fill out the Application and obtain all the necessary documents. 

3 weeks!  That's ALL, people!  We've been at this 3 weeks so far! 

Maybe this doesn't mean anything to anybody else but me, but it was really nice to have some perspective today.

SO, as I promised Michelle, here's a shout out to Jayne, Jessica, Stephen, Michelle and Jennifer for doing references for us, and getting them in BEFORE we even got our Application in!  Y'all ROCK!

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  1. Yes we know, we are the bomb :) Waiting is all good, it makes you more PATIENT :) And PATIENCE is good when children are around :)