Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank You Madonna, Angelina and Brad

I don't really follow celebrity news too much. But unless you live in a bubble, you hear things now and then, and I was aware that Madonna and Angelina & Brad had adopted children - I thought some of them were black, and maybe they were from Africa.  That's about all I knew, and frankly, didn't much care.  I realize there are celebrities that do really good things, but in general, I don't try to model my life after celebrities - they have way more money than I do, and I often wonder how happy they really are.  But I digress...

On some level, we've known  for about the last year that we would adopt from Ethiopia.  On occasion, I worried about people's reactions when they found out we would be adopting (and raising!) a black child.  It wasn't until we were confident in our decision that we even told many people, and certainly didn't start telling EVERYBODY until we'd begun the process.  I must say that there were times I even braced myself for people's reactions - would they second guess our decision?  would I have to justify to them why I felt this was God's calling on my life?  But an amazing thing happened when I began telling people - especially people at work...  On more than one occasion, I got "You'll be just like Angelina!" or "Maybe you'll start hanging out with Madonna!"  And people were actually EXCITED because we were doing something that (I guess) they've only seen celebrities do.  And I was amazed!  It had never even crossed my mind that people would be accepting of our adoption because of the path that celebrities have paved for us.  Now, before you think I'm super-naive, I realize that not everybody will be accepting.  People will question, they will second-guess, they will judge and some really won't like it.  But it would seem so far that those people are not the majority.  So for that, I simply say...

Thank You, Madonna, Angelina and Brad!

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  1. I totally understand what you mean but i got your back! Not just because you are my sister, but because I think you are doing a wonderful and beautiful thing for a less fortunate child. The child will be blessed to have you and rob as parents. People will think what they want, but it doesn't change the facts. You ARE doing a wonderful thing.

    Love you both!