Thursday, November 25, 2010

Five Months!


That's right, Friends, it's Thanksgiving Day and we have LOTS to be thankful for.  We should be at least half-way through our time on the Wait List!  The average wait time seems to be hovering around 8-9 months, so as long as the averages don't increase, we're over half-way to getting our referral!  Of course, there is another 3-5 month wait between the time we get our referral, and when we travel for court (and meet our babe - eek!), but we'll worry about that when the time gets here :)

I have to be honest, the last month has not flown by as quickly as the previous four did.  I think it was largely because we weren't as busy, although I did spend a lot of time baking and sewing.  But, baking and sewing aren't really that much of a distraction.  Baking and sewing leave plenty of time for the mind to wander and think WAY too much and allowed the "blahs" to set in.  Now that the holidays are here, the "blahs" are pretty much gone, and I have lots of hope that by next Thanksgiving we'll have a little one to celebrate with.

Now, for my Five Month post, I introduce to you my sister A...

Sister A is 9 years younger than I am, so I often feel like her second mother to be honest.  Sister A is really cool.  She's about to graduate with a Graphic Design degree and totally rocks out the graphic design.  She got a really cool internship with an amazing company and is doing really well.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. 

One of the things that I love about Sister A is her creativity.  By doing graphic design, she's finally channeled that creativity into a productive outlet.  BUT, when she was younger that wasn't always the case.  When I was in college she would send me videos of herself dancing to songs like "Baby Got Back".  It wouldn't be appropriate for me to post those videos on the Internet, but trust me, they're priceless. 

The other thing she used to do (for attention) was dress up in these CRAZY outfits.  To preserve SOME measure of her dignity, I won't show the entire outfits, but I WILL show you some snippets...

OK, here she has on 5 or 6 necklaces, in addition to money and school pictures taped to her chest with electrical tape.  (Yep, that's my senior picture there on the right.  Go ahead, laugh it up.)

In this picture, she has on a swimsuit (with a sport's bra underneath), a baby blanket tied around her neck like a cape and she's holding a plunger (EW!).  What you can't see is that she has on white gym socks and goggles. 

She was HILARIOUS!  She'll never live down how crazy she used to be, but I think she secretly likes it.  She's going to be a great aunt to our kid(s).  And, like I said earlier, I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

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