Monday, October 18, 2010

While We Wait: A Crazy Dream

Last night I had a crazy (and pretty funny) dream....

I dreamt that Sara called with our referral.  Without Rob, I talked to Sara all about the childREN who had been referred to us.  First, there was a "4 month old" girl, but she had a sibling who was being referred to us too.  Sara showed me a VIDEO (no, this doesn't happen in real life) of the kids, and I was confused because the 4 month old, was CLEARLY 4 YEARS old because she was talking and walking and NOT a baby!  I said to Sara, "She CAN'T be 4 months old, she's 4 YEARS old!"  But Sara stuck to the Gladney line and said, "We have to go by what the birth family says.  If they say she's 4 months old, we have to go with that." 

The other thing that was funny was that the kids had the same disease Michael Jackson had, and they were losing the pigmentation of their skin.  I don't think I said it out loud, but I thought to myself, "I don't want to adopt WHITE babies from Ethiopia!  I want babies with beautiful brown skin!"  OK, really, how funny is that?!

So, as you might expect, because the referral didn't match ANY of our requests, we did not accept it.  I vaguely recall that the end of my dream was Sara calling the very next day with a referral, but I don't remember any of the details. 

Since this is my first adoption related dream, I thought I'd record it for posterity.  Also, it was so funny, I thought you all might get a kick out of it!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Too funny! I had a white baby dream while we were waiting for our referral too. I was so disappointed and kept trying to explain that our children were supposed to be black!

  2. That made me chuckle out loud!!! Sadly I had very few adoption related dreams while we waited. I have heard some funny ones!!