Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Note to Self

Dear Future Me,

I wanted to drop you a note to remind you of some things that you are bound to forget.  It seems every week I am reminding you, and every week you forget.  So here it is: 

When Lottie is not doing the thing you want her to do, or is doing exactly the thing you would like her not to be doing, just take a deep breath and relax.  This is not going to last forever.

For example, take today:  You sat there with her at lunch and watched her ASK you for milk during lunch, and then chug away the milk like it was going out of style.  This compared to a week ago when she was mourning the loss of the bottle and HATING drinking milk from a sippy cup - especially at meal time.  Remember that day that you both had to just stop lunch - 3 times - and prayerfully ask Jesus to help you both?  Remembered how you wondered if you were doing the right thing and if she would ever drink milk again?  The bad stuff never lasts forever.  

And let's don't forget the sleep:  For about six weeks, she woke up most nights for usually about 2 hours.  Oh sure, once or twice it was only about 30 minutes, but there was that one time she was up for 4 hours.  (Blessedly that was Rob's night to get up with her, but we both know it could have easily been you instead.)  But now?  For the last month-ish, Lottie has been sleeping about 12 hours at night, 2 hours during the day, and now... she likes to take her time waking up, doesn't wake up crying and even LIKES to play in her bed for a little while!  Remember when you seriously wondered if you would ever sleep through the night again?  Yeah, me too.  And look where we are now!

But this is really what it comes down to:  When you grumble wish away this phase, you miss all the good stuff too.  And there is SO MUCH good stuff right now.  Remember the other day when we just thought through all the snapshots of perfection in your mind?  Like...

When Lottie thought it was hilarious that you didn't want her to lick your foot, so she kept trying to do it all the more.  And just when you thought she'd forgotten about it, she ran up, licked your foot, then ran away, giving Dada a high-five in the process?  Perfection.

And the other day when you were at the pool and she snuggled up to you and said, "Ah la la" for the first time unprompted?  You will never ever forget how sweet her version of "I love you" sounded.

And how she's gotten so kissy lately?  She kisses you all the time unprompted.  Of course, she kisses everything else too - like the sofa and her shoe, but let's not focus on that.

And how much she has begun to love her baby dolls and stuffed animals?  How she tucks them under her arm and just pats them the whole time?  And she often snuggles up to you or Rob and pats you too.

These days are so good.  Don't wish them away for "better" days.  The truth is, they may be better in some ways, but not necessarily in others, so don't rush it.  Soak up every moment because they are all such a gift.

Present Me


  1. Love this! :) What a great reminder! Thanks!

  2. This is so wonderful - we could all learn from this regarding not stressing and relaxing - the "bad" stuff passes! And oh - does it pass quickly said the Grammie and Mother of a 28 and 26 year old!!!!

  3. This is so precious Rebecca.. and such a great reminder to me today to soak it all in! Love you!