Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three Months!

Once again, I'm happily reporting that another month has flown by!  As I write this, we are actually in Boston for the weekend, the details of which I'll save for another post.  In the last month we have spent lots of time with friends, continued to work on our bedroom redecorating project and taken a trip to Charlotte for my uncle's surprise 60th birthday party.  I am also coordinating our church's Faith in Action campaign and helping with our comapany's United Way fundraising campaign.  Things are pretty busy right now.  In the little bit of down time we have, we're also trying to get in all of our online adoption training.  Life is pretty chaotic right now, but it's helping the time fly by, so I can't complain.  Life is good : )

For our 3 month post, I would like to introduce you to the E family...

Baby M, Daddy B, Mama A and Daughter L

We began hanging out with the E family about a year ago, and have loved watching them grow from a family of 3 to 4 this summer.  Sometimes you just connect with people and I think that's what happened with us.  The boys love to play video games and talk sports; and the ladies like to talk about sewing and decorating. 

One of the things I love so much about the E family is their zeal for bargain shopping.  They are famous for using paper Christmas plates year-round because they get them on clearance at Target the day after Christmas; they have paper cups with the names of random restaurants on them from an overstock restaurant supply store that they refer to as "The Gettin' Store"; they are always on the hunt for the latest bargain and I LOVE it!  I'm also very jealous that I don't seem to have the passion for bargain shopping like they do - which is probably why I appreciate it so much in them. 

I also love their hearts for God and ministry.  About this time last year, they faciliated a parenting study on Wednesday nights, and are now facilitating a study on the Song of Solomon that we're attending.  The thing that I love about this is that they recognized there was a need for studies like this for our age group, talked to our Minister of Education and started the studies.  They didn't wait till they were asked, they didn't suggest that someone else do it, they just took the initiative and made it happen.  I find that very encouraging and inspiring.

We are so thankful for all of the people God has given us to journey with us through this life.  Life is not always easy and there are often bumps in the road, but having friends to do life with is one of the greatest blessings I can think of.

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