Saturday, May 8, 2010



I heard yesterday from my friend, Lauren, that Food Network was going to be filming part of their new show, "Food Trucks," in Fort Worth this weekend.  Lauren and I spent a large part of our afternoon searching out these trucks, and then Rob and I spent the better part of the evening finding the rest of them. 

I found it frustrating that I could find precious little information about these suckers on the internet, so I'm doing my civic duty and publishing this information to the great world wide web so that my fellow Fort Worth-ians will be able to enjoy this as much as I have today.

The first truck we found today was the Nom Nom Truck at Central Market on Hulen. 

Word on the street is that this truck will be in the Stockyards tomorrow for lunch, and then back at Central Market around 3:30.  I had a Carne Asada taco today ($2.50) and it was EXCELLENT!  They also had sandwiches that looked great.

After that, we found Crepes Bonaparte and GASTON the French Crepe truck in the Stockyards at the corner of Main Street and Exchange (just down from Lonesome Dove).

We've been told that this truck will be in the same location tomorrow.  I had a dessert crepe with Nutella ($4), which was, of course, heavenly.  Lauren had a crepe that had chicken, onions, peppers and cheese, which also looked really good.  They had a very wide variety of crepes.

Tonight, Rob and I found Spencer On The Go in front of the Kimball Art Museum.  We talked to Chef Laurent, who was a super nice guy.  I'm looking forward to trying some of his creations tomorrow.

From there, we found Austin Daily Press a block, or so, from Montgomery Plaza, in front of 6th Street Grille (which may also be called, "Lola's"??).  They have confirmed they will be there tomorrow.

And, the final find of the night was Grill Em All.  They were on Exchange (in between two buildings, next to a tattoo parlor) one block west of the Crepes Bonaparte truck.  We were told that they will be there tomorrow, as well.

My hope is that people searching the internet will find this helpful.  If you are one of those people, would you mind to leave a comment so I know you found it?


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