Thursday, June 30, 2011

While We Wait: Multiple Blessings

As you may recall, I mentioned in this post that my sister and brother-in-law were in the process of a domestic adoption.  I am SO HAPPY to announce that they are now the proud parents of TWINS born June 6!!!  I was able to spend about 10 days at home with them in Nashville, and Auntie Becca is in LOVE! 

Aren't they just gorgeous?  Head on over to Jen's blog and read the story and look at the awesome family pictures.

P.S.  I know I am due for a 12 month post.  Suffice it to say, June was largely filled with the new niece and nephew, but here's the (cautiously optimistic) update on our adoption:  We expect a referral in August (maybe September), travel for court by the end of the year, and then return to bring our baby home early 2012.  And if you haven't learned by now, this is subject to change from day to day :-)


  1. wooohooo!!! Can't wait for your little one to meet our little ones! So happy to have had you here for so long! We miss you!! xo

  2. Oh they are SO precious! And I am cautiously optimistic about your adoption too! I'd say that timeline sounds about right! :)

  3. Wow! They are flipping adorable!