Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten Months!!


Oh yeah! You know what this means, don't you? Cake Decorating classes have begun! Monday was our 10 month-iversary on the Wait List AND my last week of my first cake decorating class. For April, May and June I'll be taking the Wilton classes at our local Hobby Lobby. The first class was the buttercream class, the next one covers royal icing and gum paste, and the last one covers fondant. You might think from the picture above and the other pictures you've seen of cakes I've decorated in the past, that I totally rocked this class. And.... you would be WRONG! I could go into the details, but it would be boring for all of us, so let's just say that this class was - FOR SURE - a learning experience. I learned a little what TO do, but I learned A LOT what NOT to do.

Exhibit A: The first cake...

This was NOT (as one friend suggested) a carrot cake.  Oh no.  This is what happens when your buttercream is WAY TOO thick and ALL the crumbs from the cake get mixed into the frosting.  I was so defeated by the time I finished icing the cake that when it came time to actually decorate it, I slapped a "cupcake" on it and proclaimed it "Finished."  I was really tempted to just chuck it in the trash, but I knew my co-workers would yell at me for throwing away a "perfectly good" cake, so I took it into work the next day.  Bless their hearts, they ate all but one piece.  I love them :)

Last week we made cupcakes. While these were MUCH better than the week before, they were still kind of sad. I present to you Exhibit B:

I have high hopes for the next couple of classes that I will actually learn how to do new things WELL!

So, as usual, the theme of this month has been "crafts."

My friend taught me how to make pillowcase dresses and I was so inspired that I made a couple of them for our March of Dimes Silent Auction at work:

Aren't they so cute?! I love these things! I'm pretty sure the Lord will give us a boy, but I will FIND A WAY to find little girls to put dresses on! Trust me :)

Also, as I was pulling these pictures off my phone, I found a picture of the finished nursery "shell." We painted the room yellow (twice because the first time was TOO yellow) and put up white wainscoting. We're waiting to actually decorate it till we find out if our future child is a boy or girl, so for now, this is what the room looks like:

So, the big question: How much longer will we be waiting for a referral? I have no idea. My guess would be another few months, but it's really hard to predict right now. I hope by next month there will be a little more clarity. In the meantime, the Lord is teaching me that He might not always give me what I want, when I want it, but He will always give me more of Him - and He is more than enough.


  1. You have such amazing perspective, joy, contentment, and perseverance in the midst of your waiting Rebecca. Praying for you guys and for the baby He has prepared for your family.

  2. LOVE your pillowcase dresses! :) Thanks for your sweet note on our blog... I can't wait to read YOUR story of your call someday!!! I bet y'all only have a month or two more to wait!!!! Praying!!!